Carousel System Functionality that is Unparalleled in the Industry



EDGE has been supplying carousel software since our inception – over 25 years ago. Our staff has years of software experience in carousel system installation, implementation, and integration. Small to large. One carousel to dozens. There isn’t much we haven’t done. Horizontal & Vertical Carousels, Vertical Lift Modules, Inserter/Extractors, Inbound/Outbound Conveyor, etc, in dozens of industries. Just about any/every permutation of design.


Horizontal Carousel Management

Every Design Imaginable

From sophisticated multi-pod, pick & pass systems, to single users systems – EDGE designs a customer solution that will work for your business.


Vertical Lift Module Management

User Friendly Automation

Automation comes with a reasonably hefty price tag. Vertical Lift Modules (VLMs) are an affordable way to automate your warehouse. Add an extremely user friendly software package, and you’ll reach your space savings goals.


Vertical Carousel Management

High Density Storage

If you are running out of floor space or need extra security for your products, vertical carousels and our Carousel Management System (CMS) are a great solution.